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Mare International


MARE International was established in January, 2013. With its experience spanning more than 15 years, it is a family company which makes production and export of organic fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate and puree. These agricultural raw materials, which are obtained from one-to-one farmers, bring them into fruit juice in the plants where they are negotiated and bring them together with the industry. Together with this ,the leading brands in the industry is global bulk liquid used in transport has been the distributor in Turkey.






  • Flexitank



Mare International since 2013. manufacturer of industrial packaging in dry and liquid bulk transport Büscherhoff Spezialverpackung GmbH & co.kg company holds the distributorship of Turkey and the Middle East.

Mare International provides technical support during the loading and unloading of the liquid products in the food and chemical sector. With strong technical infrastructure and extensive logistics network, Mare International provides flexitank service to its customers in transportation and storage around the world.


  • Goodpack



Goodpack, serving 4,000,000 IBC steel crates in the world and 5000 collection points in 80 countries; 2017 Marin International market in Turkey has signed the agreement with the titular representative. Goodpack, a steel IBC container rental service, offers globally reusable packaging packaging solutions.



  • Tarım ve Gıda




The main operation of Mare International is Denizli, Turkey has agricultural projects which were executed in various parts of the fruit.

Organic and harvested agriculture fruit trees, harvested industrial type fruits; by operating at high standards in the facilities that are contracted again; Fruit Juice NFC, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Fruit Puree (unadulterated) into the overseas market.